Young Voice Hate Project

February 07, 2019

New project tackling hate

People aged 18-30 are invited to join the new Young Voice social media project . We are looking for people who would like to work with us to put out positive messages to celebrate our diverse communities, build cohesion, and stand together against all forms of hate. Participants will receive two days free social media training from a leading communications company, and ongoing support. Following the training there will be the opportunity to attend regular awareness sessions on topics relating to diversity, inclusion and cohesion. At these sessions we will get the creative juices flowing to develop creative social media posts (blogs, photos, film clips etc). This a great opportunity to be part of a fun project, meet new people, gain skills for CV, and be part of something positive building stronger communities. If you are interested please email or call me on 01273 292949 for more information or to discuss the project. The first sessions are being rolled out from the end of February.

If you are a community group working on topics to build cohesion and tackle hate, and would like to link in on this project, please get in touch. You may be interested in more in-depth social media training for your group, or to get involved in an awareness session for young people. Please contact me or 01273 292949 to discuss working together.