Mr Sabri Ben Ameur


Vice Chair Brighton Muslim Forum

Sabri is Vice Chair of the Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum a non-profit organisation hoping to serve the religious, social, and cultural needs of the Brighton & Hove Muslim Community. BHMF’s primary aim is to provide support and weekend activities for Muslim children and to work and assist with projects for Muslim women.

BHMF was established in January 2004, after a conference in Brighton hosted by The University of Sussex Islamic Society. This historic event formed the first ever committee which later became known as the Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum. The committee which now consists of 13 voluntary members, from the three mosques in Brighton & Hove, Sussex Muslim Women’s Group and the Islamic Society of Brighton and Sussex University. BHMF acts as a liaison for the mosques in order to address concerns of the diverse Muslim community. Integral to this role is BHMF mission to educate others about the Islamic faith. Aside from his work in the community, Sabri is also the proprietor of the very popular Taste of Sahara restaurant on Western Rd and hosts a great many events for community projects providing hospitality and conviviality.