Tour and Explore Video Resource

March 06, 2023

Here are a set of videos going behind the scenes at some of the faith community buildings in our city. BHFA ’Tour and Explore’ hears from ministers, volunteers and congregants to display something of the variety of faith experience in our city.

These videos are ideal for use in RE or local studies lessons and provide a window into aspects of the life of our city which we might not usually see. We extend our deep gratitude to all those who generously opened their doors and gave there time to be interviewed.

Bodisattva Centre

Middle Street Synagogue

Brighton and Hove Reform Synagogue

St Mary and St Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church Hove

St Luke’s Prestonville

St Peter’s Church Brighton

Al-Medinah Mosque

Time to Talk Befriending at CityCoast Church

St Vincent de Paul Tower House