Street Support Winter Surge Coordinator

March 06, 2024

Since the beginning of 2024, Street Support Brighton and Hove (a project of BHFA Homelessness Faith Partnership,) has been employing Anna Muten, the fantastic coordinator of the Brighton and Hove Winter Surge Project. Working as a third-sector partner with Brighton and Hove City Council, we’ve brought coordination and leadership to this essential provision for rough sleepers in the city.

Anna Muten, Winter Surge Coordinator

Anna explains, "The Winter Surge hostel is a provision to prevent people from coming to harm on the street over the Winter season. At present, we are hosting around 15 tenants who would otherwise be rough-sleeping." It sits alongside the Severe Weather Emergency Provision emergency shelter, offering a medium-term solution for clients whose individual cases are managed by the CGL street outreach team and St. Mungo’s. "The overall aim is that tenants with complex needs are assisted towards stable accommodation."

Anna approaches her role with an eye on both the practicalities of the accommodation, its security and upkeep, as well as the culture of the community which has grown there. "I’ve been working to ensure the hostel is a safe and fruitful environment, working alongside colleagues from support and security agencies. My hope is that each of our tenants can receive the help and encouragement that they need for the right long term placement."

A recent innovation, instituted by Anna, has been the Community Lunch programme. "It’s a chance for us to get together as staff workers and tenants to do lunch together, talk about the culture of the hostel and have a breather for some recreation." She points to this as a game-changer in communication and hope amongst the small community. "Whilst the reasons that people find themselves rough-sleeping are complex and varied, it is great that provision like this exists in Brighton and Hove, and it is a privilege to work alongside skilled and determined colleagues to deliver better outcomes for those who need them."