Opportunity to learn more about 3rd sector Council funding

March 16, 2019

At the Faith Council on Thursday, March 14th, John Reading, Third Sector Manager, Communities, Equality & Third Sector Team, Brighton & Hove City Council – spoke about the Third Sector Investment Programme and future commissioning. The Presentation is available for download here:

The council has a clear and strong commitment to the Third Sector in Brighton & Hove as set out in its Corporate Plan and Communities and Third Sector Policy.

Public services are under increasing pressure as a result of both demand and reducing resources. The Third (i.e. charity/community/non-profit) Sector is key to helping the council and its partners respond to this challenge. To support the required changes the council needs to review its Third Sector investment and commissioning arrangements to ensure they are delivering maximum value for money, meeting community needs and effectively supporting the Sector to improve and thrive.

The Communities and Third Sector Commissioning Prospectus is a three year strategic programme. It facilitates investment into key organisations working in partnership to provide services and activities that deliver against council priorities. Find out about the Communities and Third Sector Commissioning Prospectus

2020-23 Communities and Third Sector Commissioning Prospectus


The Council are inviting Brighton & Hove community and voluntary organisations to attend an important consultation event:
9.30am to 12.30pm, Thursday 28 March at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road , Brighton.
to learn about the council and CCG’s current investment of £2.2 million per year in the sector, and take part in a consultation about the principles, outcomes and processes for a new prospectus due to be launched in September 2019, with projects starting in April 2020.

Attend the consultation event

“This is a great opportunity to realise the Faith Covenant that we signed with the City Council for closer and better working relationships between the council and our faith communities. The Third Sector Commissioning consultation is a way for faith communities across the city engaged in multiple community-focused projects, to influence and partner with others to secure funding for social action projects. Having attended a similar even in February, I strongly recommend faith communities and projects engaged in social action to attend the consultation and make our perspectives heard in the melee of clamouring voices for funding.”