Homeless Faith Partnerships

The Faith Council has long been passionate about helping people experiencing homelessness. 

In November 2019, the Faith Council took a briefing on the Churches Night Shelter, council severe weather provisions and activities being organised by both activist and local faith communities to help relieve homelessness, hunger, cold and suffering. 

In 2020, the Faith Council started a working group to look more closely at co-ordinating the response of the faith community to homelessness in the city but progress stalled with the outbreak of Covid-19. Happily all homeless people were housed during the pandemic but at the time of writing, autumn 2021, this is no longer the case but night shelters and day centres are unlikely to re-open as they did pre-pandemic.  

As of 2021, Brighton & Hove Faith in Action is developing Street Support - Brighton & Hove, working with faith partners and local statutory and voluntary sector organisations within the city.  The site now has ovder 100 organisations listed that help those experiencing homelessness, those who are vulnerably housed and all those needing services.  Organisations keep their own entries up to date with a City Administator curating the data.