Galeed Strict Baptist

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Dr Matthew Hyde

80 Gloucester Road



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At Galeed we seek to glorify God by meeting for reverent worship and seeking to live our lives in accordance with the Bible, the Word of God. We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ – salvation from sin and death by God’s grace, through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

We are a small and friendly congregation. Our services are open to all. The Word of God puts us all in the same place – sinners in need of salvation. Therefore all are welcome to join us in worship. 

We are an independent Baptist Church. As a “Baptist” church we baptise people by full immersion in water on a confession of their faith. We practise “Strict” communion by restricting participation in the Lord’s Supper to those who have been previously baptised and believe the same things as we do. We are “Particular” Baptists because we preach the doctrines of grace, commonly known as Calvinism.

We are associated with a number of other churches around the world and affiliate with The Gospel Standard magazine.