St Luke’s, Prestonville

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Rev Martin Poole

64 Old Shoreham Road

Phone: 01273 557772



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What can I expect at the 10.30am Main Sunday Service
Our regular Sunday service is fully inclusive (we even welcome dogs!) quite informal and multigenerational.  The worship style is relaxed and includes a variety of song styles, both ancient and modern, with prayer and communion every Sunday.  During the sermon the children can go into the Font room for an activity specifically geared for them and we all come back together again for communion.  The service finishes shortly after 11.30 with hot drinks and some time for socialising.

Fourth Sunday of each month @ 2pm
Carpenter’s Arms
This is a drop in for homeless and vulnerably housed folk.  The church is open from 2pm for tea, coffee, board games, movies etc.  There is usually some entertainment and a talk with a hot meal provided at 3pm.  Doors close at 4.30pm.