St Luke’s, Queens Park

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Deacon Julie Newson

Queen’s Park Road

Phone: 01273 570978



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A Place for People at the Heart of the Queen’s Park Community

In 1881, the site for the church was purchased at a cost of £900. In 1882, the foundation stone for the church was laid by the Bishop of Chichester on St Luke’s Day, and the silver trowel used on that occasion is still kept in the church safe. However, there were subsequent delays in building the church which meant that the consecration did not take place until 16th April 1885.

Although the church had been built, much remained to be done. The plans included a lofty tower and spire 160 feet in height, and the massive foundations for this can be seen in the hall kitchen. Fortunately for later generations, the tower was never built. The organ was installed in October 1885 and in 1886, the Vicarage was built next to the church, in Queens Park Terrace (formerly St Luke’s Terrace) at a cost of £2,200. The area adjacent to the church and Vicarage, on the north east, was at that time occupied by the Queens Park Cricket Ground.