Faith Groups Serving the Community During the Pandemic

July 31, 2020

Faith groups in Brighton & Hove have played a key role in meeting need during the successive lockdowns during the early part of 2020 and then later in the year as many vulnerbale people remained shielding. 

BHFA went to visit the various operations and interviewed the key organisers, ensuring the work they undertook was properly documented.

St Anne’s Day Centre (Church of England)

St Anne’s Day Centre offers free meals several times a week from its premises attached to St Mary’s, Kemptown.

St Peter’s Church, Brighton (Church of England)

Leading Anglican church, St Peter’s mobilised to support the most vulnerble people in Brighton & Hove during the pandemic.

St Vincent Centre (Roman Catholic)

The St Vincent de Paul Society is contracted to operate a day centre for older people in the city, working most closely with people experiencing dementia rising to the challenge of keeping everybody safe during the pandemic.

DEEN Relief (Muslim)

Muslim charity, DEEN Relief, serves food to people experiencing homlessness every weekend but also significantly increased the work it was doing to support people during the pandemic. 

Time to Talk Befriending (Christian)

Time to Talk Befriending (TTTB) works to combat lonliness and isolation amongst people who are 65+. The pandemic has added hugely to their workload as they ramped up telephone support to people living alone who became extremely isolated with, sadly, many people dying.  

The Brighton Congress Hall (Salvation Army)

Brighton’s Salvation Army is well known for reaching out and meeting need in the city and could often be seen with its mobile unit outside places of work, feeding NHS and other support staff who were often too busy to stop to eat.