Faith Council

The Faith Council, managed by BHFA, was set up to support partnership working between different faiths and as a platform to allow those from various groups to talk to each other regularly.

All faith groups in the city are invited to attend a biweekly meeting of the council (currently being held online via Zoom) to hear updates from organisations including:

  • Brighton & Hove Faith in Action
  • Individual faith groups
  • The police
  • Council officers and councillors
  • The voluntary sector

These meetings happen over Zoom on alternate Tuesdays at 12 noon. Please get in contact for the exact dates. This is the joining link with the password being: Faith

Groups who attend run a wide range of social welfare services supporting Brighton and Hove’s most needy and vulnerable including foodbanks, youth clubs and homelessness and mental health support.

A theme is selected for each meeting and groups are given the chance to showcase their work and try to find opportunities to work more closely and effectively with others.

If you’re running a vital service which improves the lives of Brighton & Hove’s residents and want to find out more about the Faith Council, please do get in touch with us through the contact form about the date of the next meeting. We do our best to ask all faith groups in the city along, but if you haven’t received an invitation, please let us know so you can be added to our lists.  If you would like to speak, this too may be possible.