Council funding for Faith groups + funding workshop in September

August 23, 2017

This workshop is aimed specifically targeted at Faith organisations who are considering applying to the Brighton and Hove City Council Communities Fund.

Attendees will learn how the Council’s community fund works and what types of projects/activity will be funded. They will also learn about their responsibilities as a funded organisation and what monitoring and policies will need to be in place to receive funding.

Date: 27 September 2017

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Cost: Free

Venue: Lagoon Room, BMECP

More information on the Communities Fund can be found at:

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • Understanding the process of making applications for the Community Fund;
  • What activity can be funded and what is outside the scope of funding;
  • Case studies of fundable and non-fundable projects;
  • Expectations when you have gained funding and what you will need to monitor.


TO BOOK ON: For more information on the session or to book your place click on this link: