Combatting Faith Hate Partnership


Work in Schools

BHFA has recently produced a film to be shown in schools.  The film constitutes interviews with young people who are Jewish, Muslim or Christian. At present, a lesson plan is being developed before the film is shown in schools and a discussion facilitated. 


Faith Tour

The Faith Tour started in March 2020 with visits planned to the Al-Medinah Mosque, Coptic Orthodox Church, Middle Street Synagogue, Bodhisattva Centre and St Paul’s, West Street.  Unfortunately, the tour had to stop shortly after it got underway due to Covid-19 and it has not been possible to re-start it to date.

However, BHFA has both filmed the tour and also the work of the faith community during the pandemic.  Short clips can be found on BHFA’s YouTube Channel.

To give a flavour of the tour and to provide education, Buddhist Monk, Gen Thekchen, speaks below:


Standing Together Committee

BHFA organised two faith hustings for both the local and general elections that took place in 2019 and is actively pursuing opportunities for faith leaders to stand together against prejudice and to simply get to know each other better.  The former Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Alex Phillips, graciously invited faith leaders to meet together in the Mayor’s Parlour during the summer of 2019.  More events are planned once Covid-19 allows for gatherings again.