Brighton and Hove Faith Partnership meeting – 30th November, 10am-noon

November 28, 2017

Earlier this year the BHFA was handed the responsibility to manage the city’s Faith Partnership – the Council sponsored vehicle for coordinating multi-faith social welfare / justice activity.

Last month the BHFA trustees approved a plan to rebrand the Faith Partnership into a Faith Council, where every faith group in the city is offered a place, rather than a chosen few.

The idea behind this is to encourage greater participation, especially from smaller faith groups who may have felt left out or left behind in our efforts to help the poor, the hungry, the sick, the homeless and the persecuted.

So, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us at our next meeting on the 30th November, 10am-noon, at Al-Medinah Mosque, 24 Bedford Place, Brighton.

Faith Council meetings will be held every two months and will examine a different theme each meeting (e.g. food banks, homelessness, mental health, elderly services, combatting religiously motivated hate crime, youth, etc.) along with standing items of interest.

Faith groups who have an interest in a particular theme are especially encouraged to attend those meetings where the theme of interest is examined in detail. We will send out an agenda detailing the chosen theme to all faith groups prior to each meeting.


If you wish to join us for our November meeting, please let me know by the 23rd November,


Brighton and Hove Faith Partnership


30th November 2017


Venue: Almedinah Mosque, 24 Bedford Pl, Hove, Brighton BN1 2PT


  1. Welcome: Confirmed – Chair: Rik Child, Secretary: Lev Eakins. Sabri Ben Ameur, Vice-Chair Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum.
  2. Apologies: Bishop Richard Jackson, Mary Gallivan (IFCG), Peter Wells (HSCFF)
  3. Minutes of the last meeting
  4. Reformation of the Faith Partnership to Faith Council
    1. Rebrand
    2. Closer relationship with BHCC
      1. BHCC rep
      2. Faith Covenant
    3. Wider participation
      1. Open invite to all Faith Groups
      2. Denomination reps
    4. Regular agenda
      1. Work programme
      2. Updates from BHFA, IFCG and HCSFF
    5. Thematic agenda
      1. Theme selection
      2. Partnership working
    6. Work programme
      1. Supporting faith groups to gain additional funding
      2. Faith Covenant
      3. Mapping Project
      4. Celebrating Faith
    7. Updates
      1. BHFA (Brighton and Hove Faith in Action)
        1. Mental Health Faith Partnership
        2. Combating Faith Hate Partnership
      2. IFCG (Interfaith Contact Group)
        1. Interfaith Dialogue
      3. HSCFF (Health and Social Care Faith Forum)
        1. End of life care
      4. Theme for next meeting
      5. Date and venue for next meeting
      6. AOB
      7. End