Boxing Day Lunch for the Homeless

December 26, 2022

HOVE, Boxing Day, December 26th 2022

Boxing Day Lunch 22

BHFA Trustee and Vice-Chair of Brighton & Hove Muslim Forum Sabri ben Ameur hosted a fantastic community lunch for the homeless. The event took place at Sabri’s prestigious ’A Taste of Sahara’ restaurant and was offered completely free.

Sabri said "Christmas is one of our busiest times for us, but it makes me think about those who are homeless and alone. So again this year all of our staff decided with BHMF and Deen Relief to give our time on Boxing day and open the restaurant for the homeless.

Our guests will receive a lovely Boxing Day lunch ’Sahara Style’ with silver service, all for free.

Nobody should be alone, unappreciated and we must look out for each other regardless of race, belief and culture."

Diners were full of praise for the meal itself and the wonderful hospitality

Sabri urged reflection on the challenges in our society, especially the increase of poverty and homelessness in our city.

"We remember those who have seen their communities destroyed by war and occupation, famine and genocide and we must continue to challenge those who think they can divide communities with their hateful narratives. Our country is stronger because of our diverse culture and vibrant communities. This is what makes our city great, this is why we must remember the contribution of all who have gone before us and this is why we celebrate the mercy to mankind. Let us continue to reach out and show this mercy to our neighbours and others around the world."