BHFA Publishes Cards and Flyers for Street Support

June 30, 2021

The Street Support steering group consulted within the national Street Support network and with organisations putting their details on to Street Support - Brighton & Hove as to how best to get information to people who are experiencing homelessness.  Most people on the street do have access to mobile devices or computers, either their own, via a friend or the public libraries or a support service.

To this end, it was decided to print a long print run of business cards that would include a QR code that would direct people straight to the website and a flyers with more information but ostensibly for the same purpose.

Pictured below: two sides of the business card. Please get in touch for copies.

Card1 Card2

Pictured below: two sides of the flyer. Please get in touch for copies.

 A5 Flyer2